A good form of vitamin C

Ascorbyl Glucoside  is natural vitamin C (ascorbic acid) stabilised with glucose. This combination allows the benefits of vitamin C to be conveniently

and effectively used in cosmetic products. When creams and lotions containing AA2GTM
are applied to the skin, an enzyme present in the skin, α-glucosidase, acts on the AA2GTM to slowly release the healthful benefits of vitamin C.

The Best Stable form of vitamin C

Stable form of vitamin C combined with glucose. When properly formulated and absorbed into skin, it breaks down to ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C). It functions as an antioxidant and works well with other replenishing and antioxidant ingredients to preserve key substances skin needs to look smoother, brighter, and younger.

for brighter skin


AA2GTM can function in essentially an identical manner to vitamin C, preventing pigmentation of skin by suppressing melanin synthesis in melanocytes. It also has the ability to reduce the amount of pre-existing melanin, resulting in a lighter pigmentation of the skin.

Ascorbyl Glusocide solution 10%

Czev serum have Ascorbyl Glusocide solution 10% by active complex concentration improves the looks of firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness and hydration.